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AutumnCheney's News

Posted by AutumnCheney - October 30th, 2019


My second EP, Degree Five Complete Graph, has just been released! For this piece, I intended to fuse hard brostep rhythms with glitch and ambient, and I personally think that I did well with it.

You can download it via Bandcamp here. You can also listen to a full mix of the EP on Newgrounds. The audio link will be below this paragraph.

I hope that you like it!


Posted by AutumnCheney - October 14th, 2019

I do not know if anyone already knew this, but I will nonetheless make this public. My music is accessable through the Newgrounds API, and RobTop has whitelisted me, so therefore it can be used in Geometry Dash.

Here is the Perfect Platonic Forms mix in Geometry Dash:


Also, all of my music is licensed under CC BY, so my music can be played if it is used in a YouTube video.

The reason that I wanted to clarify this is because I am actually an avid player of Geometry Dash myself, and I would be very happy if one of my tracks was used in the game.

Thank you! By the way, I am still working on music, and I should have a new track uploaded tommorow! Bye! ^w^



Posted by AutumnCheney - October 6th, 2019


My first EP, Perfect Platonic Forms, has been released. It is an IDM/drill and bass album with heavy noise and generative influences.

You can download it for free at my Bandcamp page: https://axeph-null.bandcamp.com. Alternatively, if you want to purchase it elsewhere, it should be on most major music sales websites soon.

Hopefully, you enjoy it!


Posted by AutumnCheney - September 14th, 2019

First of all, I updated "Disjoint Sets". This new version is drastically different from the original in terms of density and emotion, but it still retains the same basic properties and structure. You can view it here:

Next, I also uploaded two new songs, both of which I just finished today. You can view both of them here:

Lastly, I uploaded some of the art pieces that I failed to remember to upload after I created them. They are the images for "R3 Euclidean Space" and "Vacuous Truth".

As you can imagine, I have been very busy with keeping my output public, and I will continue to pursue my standards for subsequent uploads.


Posted by AutumnCheney - September 9th, 2019

I finally got around to changing my official logo. I like what I've designed, and I hope that you do too.

My logo, if you didn't already deduce what it is, is an eye with a golden spiral design inscribed in the eye. My text logo is the word "Axeph-Null" written in a mathematical style.

The pictures that I've created are used for my profile image and my banner image. However, if they are cropped and obscured, I have them right here:



I hope that you like them!


Posted by AutumnCheney - August 18th, 2019

I apologize for not having uploaded anything within the past two months. I've had trouble trying to create a song that I liked. However, lately, I've been experimenting with a music program called Sunvox, and I can tell you that it really helped stimulate my musical abilities.

I've just released two songs, and it would make me happy if you listened to them and told me what you think about them.

Here are the links:

With this said, I'll attempt to release more songs throughout this week. Also, I'm working on an EP and an album, and I intend to release both of them by the end of this year. Be patient.


Posted by AutumnCheney - August 2nd, 2019

So, I've changed my official alias! I discovered that "Lovelace" was already used by another band, and I knew that I needed to change it to something else. I've spent the past few weeks scouring Wikipedia's mathematics articles for a name that I liked and was unused. Eventually, I found a term that I liked and modified its spelling to make it more interesting. Thus, I have taken on a new alias: "Axeph-Null"! It is, of course, a reference to the first Aleph number, an transfinite number describing the cardinality of infinite well-ordered sets. There's also an anagram hidden inside of it; can you find it?


Posted by AutumnCheney - July 2nd, 2019

I apologise to @Packtion , @MRM3 , and everyone else who may take pride in using LMMS and followed me for using it as well. As said in the title, I do not use LMMS anymore. Instead, I now use Renoise to make music. I regret leaving the program that essentially taught me how to produce electronic music. However, Renoise has many tools and features that allow me to optimise my workflow and create new types of music! Still, I'm sorry for leaving LMMS. I hope that the open-source audio community forgives me.



Posted by AutumnCheney - June 7th, 2019

I am so glad to be able to contribute to the sustainment of this beautiful site. I hope that you do as well!


Posted by AutumnCheney - May 10th, 2019

I want to give a message of thanks to DJ-Saidez for scouting me! Now that I have the privilege to contribute to the main site, I promise to attempt to produce music that is enjoyable to listen to.

Incidentally, I have recently purchased a book about music theory, and hopefully, this will endow me with the knowledge necessary to compose better music. I am also still experimenting with LMMS, but I have gained experience in using it. In total, I will easily be able to produce music worthy for the Newgrounds audio portal in a short amount of time!